While the FINEX SA Group was founded in 2013, in 2018 the decision was made to expand the financial services offering of the Finex SA Group and Finex SA Wealth was started. Finex SA Wealth’s mission is to provide a world-class comprehensive and independent Wealth Management service to companies and individuals. Hence its primary focus is centred around:

  • Company Employee Benefit (EB) Schemes: this includes pension and provident funds, long term risk cover such as Life, Disability, Income protection, Dread Disease and health cover.
  • Holistic Wealth planning for individuals at those companies: This encompasses all kinds of local and offshore investments, retirement planning and various short-term and long-term risk (insurance) cover needs.

Finex SA Wealth is an independent financial advisory and so is focused on and able to find, the best products and solutions to meet clients’ needs, from the many suppliers and products in the market. While Finex SA Wealth as a company is new to the market, the team is comprised of independent Wealth Managers with many years’ experience in the financial services industry and to support them, they have direct access to specialists in all Wealth sectors, including the various insurance covers (Life, Income protection, Disability, Dread Disease, Health and Short term).

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the Finex SA Wealth, Group scheme (EB) service:


Consulting to clients on the following matters:

  • Corporate governance
  • Retirement and risk (both long term and short term) benefit design
  • Medical Aid benefit design and Gap cover
  • Industry trends and developments
  • Consulting to individual members and ensuring efficient administration of retirement fund and member benefits


  • Review costs annually to ensure best price and offering and re-broke if needed
  • Fund Investment strategy and advice
  • Regular management committee feedback
  • Management committee training
  • Annual benefit structure review and guidance
  • Payroll assistance and guidance in terms of fund contributions
  • Advice and insight on legislation and market trends
  • Administrative assistance and service level management


  • Dedicated consultants who will meet with members face to face to discuss individual financial needs and individual holistic financial planning and assist them to best meet their financial needs
  • Assist members and beneficiaries with claims procedures and benefit options
  • Central EB scheme portal access
  • Fund road shows
  • Financial coaching seminars and Retirement planning seminars

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the Finex SA Wealth service to individuals:


  • Advice is given on investments in Pension funds, Provident funds and Retirement Annuities for both pre and post retirement, Endowments and LISP platforms.
  • Finex SA Wealth also provides advice on long term insurance (life, accident, disability lump sum, disability income and dread disease cover) and partners with Bestsure to provide the best short-term insurance cover.
  • Advice is also given for education planning
  • Through the license Finex SA Treasury holds, the following services are also available: Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Stocks, Structured products and Gold trading.


  • Advice is given on investments in Preservation funds and Pension schemes as well as Endowment platforms. Various Pension scheme solutions are available for UK citizens and there are specialist solutions for US citizens and South Africans wishing to diversify. Finex SA Wealth partners with several service providers, based in several jurisdictions in order to be able to offer the best solutions.
  • Finex SA Wealth also partners with several suppliers in the offshore property and property related investment sector. Markets covered are the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.
  • There is also a partnership with suppliers who specialize in international residency and citizenship programs.
  • Finex SA Wealth also partners with specialists in the field of international wills and estate planning and with companies specializing in structuring the estates and wealth of ultra-high net-worth individuals. These suppliers are also able to assist South African companies who want to grow and expand into international markets.